Thanks to everybody involved in the process and in building up good 
relationships firstly between Gentoo and Sabayon and secondly among their devs.
I am looking forward to contribute to Gentoo KDE and Portage Projects with my 
knowledge and ideas. In particular, I am looking forward to merge the good part 
of Sabayon directly, back into Gentoo (where applicable), making it shining and 
rocking like in the early days (eheh).
I hope to be able to rectify false rumours surrounding my name (they're funny 
btw) and have fun with everybody. I'm not here to conspirate or whatever, I'm 
here to fix bugs, communicate with other developers, and race with ssuominen 
and patrick.
I will demonstrate my committment through commits, that's the best I could say.

Thanks to Samuli, Patrick and Tomas for having convinced me to join.
A special thank goes to Betelgeuse and his patience.

Fabio Erculiani

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