On 13:58 Sat 26 Sep     , Patrick Lauer wrote:
> Hello everybody!
> As Gentoo approaches its 10th birthday I've been wondering how and where it 
> is 
> used. We used to have some great stories from companies in the weekly 
> newsletter, but that one has become very dormant a while ago.
> I'd like to collect your success stories, endorsements and case studies so we 
> can present to the rest of the world how using Gentoo makes your life easier 
> and is totally awesome. If you don't want to have that information public 
> I'll 
> gladly anonymize it as long as I can be reasonably certain that you really 
> exist. What is important is that you, if you actively use it in a commercial 
> environment, write me whatever you think is important. Or you motivate 
> someone 
> you know to write it. Do your contribution to making things better :)
> Everything from "I use it and it's great!" to a story starting on a rainy day 
> in November 1885 is good. Don't be afraid, I'll work with you on making it 
> into something readable.
> And if you have specific criticism I'll take that too - maybe we can find an 
> easy way to improve things. That is in your best interest too, so go ahead. 
> Invest a few minutes of your time so we can save you more time!
> I would suggest that you _don't_ reply to this mailinglist but directly send 
> me an email. Otherwise it'd be a long, but very offtopic thread which I'd 
> like 
> to avoid (and we had enough of those already ...)
> Many thanks in advance for your contributions,

You should send this to gentoo-announce. You're not catching the right 
audience here.


Donnie Berkholz
Developer, Gentoo Linux
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