Am Montag, den 28.09.2009, 20:23 +0200 schrieb Sebastian Pipping:
> repositories.xml
> =====================================================================
>   <repo
>       name="sping"
>       quality="experimental"
>       status="unofficial">
>     <description>Gentoo overlay of Sebastian Pipping</description>
>     <homepage></homepage>
>     <owner type="person">
>       <email></email>
>       <name>Sebastian Pipping</name>
>     </owner>
>     <source type="git">git://</source>
>     <feed>;a=atom</feed>
>   </repo>
> =====================================================================

What is the reason that "name" is an attribute? While quality, status
and type have a distinct set of allowed values, name doesn't and I'd
therefore set it as an element instead.

How about adding an attribute "lang" to <description> to be able to give
descriptions in different languages?


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