Am Mittwoch, den 30.09.2009, 18:17 +0200 schrieb Sebastian Pipping:
> Ciaran McCreesh wrote:
> > Sure. Just periodically fetch the repository centrally. Have a master
> > list of sync URLs with expected repository names, and use that to
> > generate the full master list that includes metadata.
> > 
> > Added bonus: you can quickly remove any repository that no longer
> > exists.
> How long do you want the time frame for add-meta-data-or-get-kicked
> to be?  If half the repos don't not make it will kicking them help
> anybody?
Yes, then they're not maintained. And unmaintained overlays tend to
contain even more broken ebuilds than others.

>   What if that metadata format changes later or is extended by
> additional required entries?
How about using the power of xml and version the schemas? As long as the
metadata-file specifies the respective dtd/xsd/relaxng you know exactly
how to validate (and parse) it and may apply a xsl-trafo if necessary to
convert it to a new format on the fly. As long as you keep using xml you
can then change the complete format in a new schema version.

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