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Hi folks!

The kerberos herd in gentoo is pretty understaffed. That's the reason
why I want to advertise this developer job to _YOU_!

Kerberos in gentoo is nevertheless not in bad condition but there are
some user requests and a lot of ideas to enhance things.

 - Get real ldap backend support especially in heimdal (personally I
think it's technical nonsense to store a security related dataset in a
system which was developed for public access <- but it is a user request!)
 - Of course work on open bugs. (most of them contain enhancement
requests and compatibility issues with other ebuilds)

 - Further work on heimdal, mit-krb5 _AND_ GNU Shishi (still not part of
our tree) to give users free choice which implementation to use.
 - Enhance integration of kerberos in applications like OpenAFS, OpenSSH
 - Split server and client part.
 - Write documentation on all the kerberos related things in gentoo.
(How to configure kerberos server, client, replication, aso.)

All security relevant patches are included ATM and ebuilds are more or
less up to date. There is krb-1.7 pending for stabilization but there is
no hurry since all relevant patches are back ported to our stable
version. heimdal-1.2.2 is in rc status and will become stable soon.

If you are interested please read [1] to get an idea how to become a
gentoo developer. Then have a look on the open bugs at [2]. I'd really
appreciate your help.

Kerberos is an important part of any modern distribution and a lot of
applications have dependencies on it. On the other hand not many people
do actively use kerberos in their environments. I'd say whom should use
the system to maintain it. So let's tame the beast and get into hades -
you won't miss the experience! ;)

Greets, Michael

[1] ... http://bit.ly/2m0joR
[2] ... http://bit.ly/hAK2Y
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