On 12/30/2009 12:14 PM, Ben de Groot wrote:

* Qt team meeting: discuss actions to be taken regarding remaining
pkgs that use qt:3


* mask qt:3 and depending ebuilds, pending removal

30 days isn't a long time. How about filing bugs against anything that currently uses qt3 right away, so that maintainers have an extra three weeks to resolve these issues? Granted, one would hope they've been paying attention.

As a random example, the current stable version of mythtv uses qt3, but I don't see any open bugs about that (that package is probably an easy fix as the newer versions use qt3support, and that version is already stable upstream).

Usually the approach in these situations is to have a big tracker bug for qt3 removal and a million blocker bugs against individual packages. I'm not saying you can't move forward until everybody else gets their acts together, but tracking this in bugzilla probably isn't a bad move if it isn't too much work. Plus, you might decide that one or two of the blockers really are critical, and decide to work with those maintainers more closely or escalate the issue.

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