On 1/24/10, Benny Pedersen <m...@junc.org> wrote:
> should not be marked as system ?
> it removes python-wrapper and this remove python link from
> /usr/bin/python linked to /usr/bin/python-wrapper so all portage does
> not work after this, but i solved it with a quickpkg from another host
> my dump question why is it not listed as a system pkg when it really
> seems so important ?

Nearly identical question was mulled over in a discussion last spring
over at gentoo-user list. Scan for "ARGH I uninstalled python" in the
archives if you are interested.

IIRC there was a suggestion to make the system set dynamically grow to
contain all of the required dependencies of the packages explicitly
listed in the system set, but I'm not sure if it went anywhere.

Anyways, the current contents of @system cause all kinds of surprises,
for example to FEATURES="buildsyspkg" users who rely on the feature
without realizing how small (and even "incomplete") @system actually

Arttu V.

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