On 03/03/10 15:51, Ben de Groot wrote:
On 3 March 2010 19:45, Mart Raudsepp<>  wrote:
I don't believe we should selectively cripple one GUI toolkit with not
having proper printing support out of the box on a desktop profile,
while others do, just because maintainers are lazy.
I'm not talking about selectively disabling cups. My proposal is
to no longer enable the cups useflag in the base profile. I don't
think cups should be part of the base profile, and as a result
cascading to the desktop profile. And a lot of people seem to
agree. Users can always enable that functionality when they
need it. It is not something that is necessary for running a
desktop system.

I agree that CUPS is not really necessary in the desktop profile, and especially in the base profile. Many systems run desktop environments without needing printing support. As we advance further toward a paperless computing experience, the need for printing support becomes even less. And, as it is incredibly simple to add print capabilities by placing the cups USE flag in /etc/make.conf, that choice should be left to the user.

Nathan Zachary

One could argue the opposite as well. Adding -cups to make.conf is just as easy.

I'm one of those lowly users.


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