On 03/03/10 20:17, Dale wrote:
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>> I'm not talking about selectively disabling cups. My proposal is
>>>>> to no longer enable the cups useflag in the base profile. I don't
>>>>> think cups should be part of the base profile, and as a result
>>>>> cascading to the desktop profile. And a lot of people seem to
>>>>> agree. Users can always enable that functionality when they
>>>>> need it. It is not something that is necessary for running a
>>>>> desktop system.
>>>>> Cheers,
>>>> I agree that CUPS is not really necessary in the desktop profile, and
>>>> especially in the base profile.  Many systems run desktop
>>>> environments without needing printing support.  As we advance further
>>>> toward a paperless computing experience, the need for printing
>>>> support becomes even less.  And, as it is incredibly simple to add
>>>> print capabilities by placing the cups USE flag in /etc/make.conf,
>>>> that choice should be left to the user.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Nathan Zachary
>>> One could argue the opposite as well.  Adding -cups to make.conf is
>>> just as easy.
>>> I'm one of those lowly users.
>>> Dale
>>> :-)  :-)
>> I think that the point is that it is better to have it disabled by
>> default so that new users do not run into these circular dependencies
>> upon their first installation.  They can then add cups to their
>> make.conf and emerge -avuDN world to get full printing support.
>> Just as a sidebar, there is not a "lowly user."  Your input is greatly
>> important in all matters regarding Gentoo as you are a member of the
>> userbase.  It's your operating system too! :)
>> Regards,
>> Nathan Zachary
> Let just think of it this way.  I have to reinstall say from a dead
> hard drive.  I have copies of my make.conf and world file.  I install
> my new drive, download the tarball and unpack it.  I copy over
> make.conf and world.  Naturally cups will be enabled.  Then I sync and
> start to update.  Isn't that circular dependency still going to be
> there?  After all, this is how I install Gentoo even if from scratch. 
> I set my USE line before I start to emerge or update.
> It seems to me, in my situation, this would not solve much.  Maybe I
> am incorrect in that.
> Dale
> :-)  :-)
I believe the circular dependency is solved if one emerges gtk+ (and
possibly poppler?) without CUPS support, and then goes back and emerges
everything with CUPS.

Nathan Zachary

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