Ben de Groot posted on Thu, 04 Mar 2010 13:28:24 +0100 as excerpted:

> On 4 March 2010 08:08, Joshua Saddler <> wrote:
>> Your logic is very thin here. By that same line of reasoning, neither
>> are the gtk or qt flags, since you don't need 'em if you're building,
>> say, a *box desktop.
> Toolkits are more directly useful to a desktop than printing.
>> Printing is something I'd argue is part of a desktop environment.
> And I'd argue it isn't necessarily so.

Indeed.  Some (many?) of us use printing uncommonly enough that it's 
cheaper to put it on a thumb drive and take it to a printer than buy a 
printer -- and pay for another $10-30 ink cartridge every time we want to 
print something, because the last one dried up between uses.  (I keep 
thinking I'll buy a laser printer, but never seem to get around to doing 
the research on best supported, etc, and always seem to have other things 
to spend the money on.  Besides, the tech keeps getting better, so a bit 
of delay isn't hurting... which I've been saying for years now.  How many 
are in a similar position?)

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