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> On Thu, 4 Mar 2010 17:04:17 +0000 (UTC), Duncan <1i5t5.dun...@cox.net>
> wrote:
>> Indeed.  Some (many?) of us use printing uncommonly enough that it's
>> cheaper to put it on a thumb drive and take it to a printer than buy a
>> printer -- and pay for another $10-30 ink cartridge every time we want
>> to print something, because the last one dried up between uses.
> Similarly, I have never *owned* a printer because work or school always
> has had free printing. So, my opinion is that the Gentoo default of
> USE=cups in desktop profiles is bogus for *my* Gentoo desktops.

Exactly. The last time I owned a printer is over 5 years ago. So I don't
think cups warrants to be in the standard desktop profile.

Ben de Groot
Gentoo Linux developer (qt, media, lxde, desktop-misc)

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