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> Let just think of it this way.  I have to reinstall say from a dead
> hard 
> drive.  I have copies of my make.conf and world file.  I install my
> new 
> drive, download the tarball and unpack it.  I copy over make.conf and 
> world.  Naturally cups will be enabled.  Then I sync and start to 
> update.  Isn't that circular dependency still going to be there? 
> After 
> all, this is how I install Gentoo even if from scratch.  I set my USE 
> line before I start to emerge or update.
> It seems to me, in my situation, this would not solve much.  Maybe I
> am 
> incorrect in that.
> Dale
> :-)  :-)

That's not a new install as per the handbook. Neither are you a new 
user as you have a premade make.conf and world file and some experience 
with Gentoo.

Put yourself in the place of a brand new Gentoo user doing his/her 
first install.

It needs to just work out of the box, one way or another, without 
forums posts or calls for help in #gentoo about circular dependences.
That's not just cups - thats all circular dependencies.


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