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On Friday 05 March 2010 17:12:23 Roy Bamford wrote:

That's not a new install as per the handbook. Neither are you a new
user as you have a premade make.conf and world file and some experience
with Gentoo.

Put yourself in the place of a brand new Gentoo user doing his/her
first install.

It needs to just work out of the box, one way or another, without
forums posts or calls for help in #gentoo about circular dependences.
That's not just cups - thats all circular dependencies.
Brand new gentoo user goes throu handbook ->  reads "set up USE variables in
make.conf" and does it according to his/her needs following use.*.desc. If
gentoo was new to me i *would* enter cups as i use printers often at work.


I did it (I mean, add some commonly used USE flags) in all my Gentoo
installations, and I would add "cups" for sure (since printing is used
every day in most machines I use and administrate).

Leio pointed some messages ago about the possibility of splitting some
poppler parts to fix this circular dep issue, what is the problem with
that option? The suggestion is not about splitting every poppler part in
tons of ebuilds, but simply split poppler in the minimum needed to fix
this problem (sorry if I missed the reply, I haven't followed discussion
too deeply :-( )

Thanks and best regards

This is what I am saying. *IF* cups were some little known or obscure USE flag, one could make the argument that it would not be set until later on. I started with Gentoo over 6 years ago. I had only used anything Linux for a few months. I knew what cups was. Even tho I was new to Linux when I first installed Mandrake, I knew I had a printer. It was a old used one at the time but I still had a printer. I wanted that printer to work. Mandrake picked that up for me, Gentoo is not that way. I have to pick that up, not the OS.

I am also saying that this needs a long term fix. I'm thinking a long term fix like happened with the blocks issue. If in the short term this USE flag ha to be removed, then fine. It's doesn't really fix anything is my opinion. If a user turns that flag on as is in the docs, the problem is still there. This is why we need a long term fix. This may take a good while, months, year, who knows. This just should not be called "fixed" when the problem is still there. Please don't just remove the USE flag and forget the reason it happened. This is Gentoo. I'm proud to tell people I use it. I want it to stay on top of the pile not fall to the bottom.


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