On Mon, 08 Mar 2010 14:13:30 +0100
Róbert Čerňanský <hslis...@zoznam.sk> wrote:

> - Minor version bumps (After examination what upstream changed and
>   after confirmation with mantainer, if any.)

The stuff you put in brackets is exactly the sort of stuff that
tends to make version bumps hard to fix.

You would first have to determine what major/minor means, on a per
package-version basis, so these aren't really as trivial to fix as (non)
package maintainer as a "minor version change" might suggest.

Also, any version bump is a splendid occasion on which to revise the
ebuild (introduce missing features, check for novel QA issues, move up
an EAPI to cut out a few build phases, review COPYING to make sure
the LICENSE variable is still OK, figure out that one slight syntax
change might serve to fix a compilation error with a

So I generally don't regard a version bump as a low hanging fruit,
as you might end up painfully ignoring the wasps' nest hanging
directly beside it.


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