Hey folks,

We're applying to be in Google's 2010 Summer of Code, and we need your 
project ideas! If you've got a todo list a mile long and no chance of 
ever getting to them all, now's your chance to have someone else spend a 
summer working full-time on your idea. We're looking for things that 
would be suitable for an undergrad CS student who has little to no 
experience working on Gentoo but good programming skills. They should be 
a reasonably cohesive medium-scale project (so, not all open bugs 
assigned to kde@).

You can put your ideas to the ideas page [1]. Please add them by this 
Friday because they will help our chances of getting into this year's 
Summer of Code.

We should know whether we're in by March 18. At that point, developers, 
please let me know whether you're interested in mentoring for this 
year's program.

1. http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/Google_Summer_of_Code_2010_ideas


Donnie Berkholz
Developer, Gentoo Linux
Blog: http://dberkholz.wordpress.com

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