On 2010-03-10 11:30, Sebastian Pipping wrote:
> There are quite a few bugs open for it plus the latest version (1.50.18)
> is not even in Gentoo but on SourceForge only.
> Its upstream Gunnar left Gentoo due to lack of time recently.
> As I got project admin rights for layman from Gunnar before I know that
> a similar thing should be theoretical possible for you and
> webapp-config, too.
> So your first task would be a proper bump and a maybe few bug fixes after:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/webapp-config/files/
> https://bugs.gentoo.org/buglist.cgi?quicksearch=webapp-config
> I know there's people using this tool.  If you use it this is your
> chance to ensure it keeps in good shape.  Being proxied or mentored
> initially should also work in case you want that.

I'm using webapp-config on multiple servers, and I think it's an
important part of Gentoo, as it provides a sane way to keep track of web

I see a problem though: the ebuilds of popular webapps like MediaWiki or
Wordpress seem to be in bad shape / unmaintained, which in term makes
this tool much less useful. Maybe that is caused by the fact, that
webapp-config has bugs? Chicken/Egg problem?
So, I wish there could be more people taking care of timely version
bumps etc. for webapps, since it is essential that webapps are always
kept up-to-date, most of them being written in PHP, buggy, exposed to
the net and all.

Anyway, I can imagine working on webapp-config, and becoming a Gentoo
package maintainer. My time is a little limited though (day job + part
time job + family), so don't expect too much. If there is someone with
more time on his/her hands, please go for it.


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