Dear fellow developers,

A new project is about to start so I am requesting your feedback

The primary goal of the Proxy Maintainers[1] project is to create and maintain 
relationships between developers and users in order to ensure packages in the 
Gentoo tree stay up to date. This involves a few main tasks: 

List Interested Developers who are interested in being Commiters. 
Recruit Interested Users for Proxy Maintainers. 
Commiter/Proxy Maintainer Training. 
Maintain a list of pairings between Commiters/Proxy Maintainers.

Users who are willing to take care of a package will contact the developer who 
is interesting in the respective category. The developer and the user will 
work on the ebuild before they commit it to portage tree.

I kinda need some feedback wrt the following topics:

1) Should we use a new overlay? A new branch on sunrise? or work ebuilds in 
Gentoo bugzilla?I think the latter is the best
2) I think an email alias is not needed We can "monitor" maintainer-wanted/-
needed alias if needed. What do you think?
3) Maybe a new KEYWORD needs to be added on bugzilla so ppl get informed that 
the specific bug is already taking by another developer and that somebody is 
working on it. So marking a bug with a keyword e.g. "PROXY" might be useful.

Well, apparently the main goal is to extend what we already do on Sunrise. 
Pick up interesting packages without the need to maintain them actively.We 
will only be a "proxy" between portage and users. I think this is a good way 
to attract new developers who will get excited seeing their ebuilds going 
directly to portage tree, plus an excellent way to pick up important packages 
from the huge maintainer-wanted list which is getting bigger and bigger every 
day. I know there are active users who have a significant ebuild knowledge and 
this is a good way to  enforce their skills and motivate them.

Gentoo has a powerful user base and we should take advantage of it


Markos Chandras (hwoarang)
Gentoo Linux Developer

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