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Mike Frysinger <vap...@gentoo.org> wrote:

> remind me again why this matters ?  binutils has been defaulting to
> hash- style=both for quite a while now.
> -mike

Well, I already tried in my P.S. but let me try again: I'm not
suggesting that devs should have more optimized binaries
- it matters b/c of this in misc-functions.sh:

if [[ "${LDFLAGS}" == *--hash-style=gnu* ]] && [[ "${PN}" != *-bin ]] ;
<do some magic here to detect ignored LDFLAGS>

Good candidate to test is net-fs/mount-cifs (tiny, fast)

You *only* get the following QA notice w/ LDFLAGS="-Wl,--hash-style=gnu"

 * QA Notice: Files built without respecting LDFLAGS have been detected
 *  Please include the following list of files in your report:
 * /usr/bin/mount.cifs
 * /usr/bin/umount.cifs

If you have another way to detect ignored LDFLAGS in portage, then you
don't need to add anything to devs profiles. :)

Hope that my proposal is more clear now.



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