On 23-03-2010 19:15, Jeremy Olexa wrote:
> Given that the b-w queue is over 200 bugs and some have not been wrangled
> for 3 weeks...
> Could everyone spend 5 minutes wrangling 5 bugs? (or more if you are
> willing :)
> Thanks,
> Jeremy

I'm going to grab this one and ask how is Gentoo going in terms of fresh
souls. I understand the recruiting process is slow and the recruiters
are understaffed. But I imagine somehow that there is less people
joining us now a days compared to a few years..

I'm currently guiding a friend to potentially join Gentoo in the future.
My plan is first to prepare him for Arch Testing, since it was also my
entry point on Gentoo. I would like to hear your experience and ideas
how to successfully guide people towards Gentoo development.

- Angelo

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