* Alec Warner <anta...@gentoo.org>:
> It is obvious what many of the functions do (I can read shell, yay!)
> but it is not obvious to me why they exist or why I would want to call
> them.  Why do I want to delete AppleDouble files?  What are dual-life
> scripts and why do I want to symlink them?  Why would I want to delete
> packfiles?  Some documentation would be nice h ere.

Absolutely. The perl-team already has a bug for it (#259815).
Perl eclass changes are tracked in bug #239510.
But I don't think missing documentation is a stopper here. Most of it
is copied from perl-modules.eclass.

- AppleDouble (name reported by `file`)
  268497 [p...@gentoo.org] - Remove ._* files in perl-module_src_prepare
  273104 [dev-port...@gentoo.org] - New QA check: installed OSX fork files (if 
I got the name right)

- dual-life scripts
  scripts installed by dual-life packages (part of dev-lang/perl and
  also stand-alone in perl-core/). Only relevant for perl-core/

- .packlist
  something like CONTENTS.

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