On 3 April 2010 16:30, Alex Legler <a...@gentoo.org> wrote:
> I propose to use MediaWiki.

As I said in my other post, MediaWiki and MoinMoin should, in my
opinion, be on our shortlist to consider.

> I'd be interested in helping out with the backend part, i.e. setting up
> and maintaining the Wiki software and the needed extensions,
> user management and support.

Thanks, that would certainly be helpful.

> Here's another idea:
> The German Wikipedia uses a concept called "sighted revisions". If you
> visit an article without logging in you will see the latest sighted
> revision, as an identified user you can also view the latest revision.

That's an interesting idea, which we should consider.

>> Is there anything else we should consider before getting started?
> Maybe we should discuss what goals we want to reach with a Wiki.
> One thing is offering user-contributed documentation, of course.
> But do we also want a developer wiki? Or offer per-project realms in our
> wiki? Or $something_else?

Good suggestion. I think we would want to accommodate both
user-contributed documentation and developer needs. For example,
recently the need arose to have a wiki page for GSoC ideas.
Projects may want to use it as well. I find myself using the wiki
at gitorious.org (where we also host our overlay) for purposes of
the Qt herd. It would also be handy for developing new documentation
(it would have helped for the LXDE guide, or the Qt4 ebuild
development howto) as well as keeping existing documentation up to
date. GuideXML documents are often experienced as an unnecessary

What else do we want it for and how would that impact organization?

Ben de Groot
Gentoo Linux Qt project lead developer

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