On 04/03/10 16:46, Ben de Groot wrote:
>> I propose to use MediaWiki.
> As I said in my other post, MediaWiki and MoinMoin should, in my
> opinion, be on our shortlist to consider.

My vote on MediaWiki, too.

(I do like DokuWiki better for personal things but mediaWiki seems the
best choice for a project this large.)

Btw was it Fedora having moved from MoinMoin to MediaWiki?
I remember something like that, could be erring though.

>> Here's another idea:
>> The German Wikipedia uses a concept called "sighted revisions". If you
>> visit an article without logging in you will see the latest sighted
>> revision, as an identified user you can also view the latest revision.
> That's an interesting idea, which we should consider.

I'm not sure if that a thing to go for.  Drawbacks:
- More work  (whereas we could use more manpower already)
- New bottlenecks

Couldn't we just make two big "namespaces"

  'devs'        -- Developers only
  'registered'  -- Full edit access to any registered user

in the same wiki and have pages be in either namespace, reflecting the
namespace in the page name or path somehow?

I expect that to be
- easy to implement
- providing a good mix of openness and quality control

> GuideXML documents are often experienced as an unnecessary
> barrier.

I think you should clearly state again that this is not gonna replace
GuideXML, just migrate a few use cases where a wiki fits better.
This is what you aim for, right?


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