Joshua Saddler dixit (2010-04-04, 00:31):

> Show me a wiki that has the flexibility of our handbook, which can be
> a huge printer-friendly all-in-one doc, or an as-you-need-it doc with
> one page per chapter.
> Show me a wiki that has built-in intradoc linking to every paragraph,
> chapter, subchapter, code sample, etc.
> Show me a wiki that produces such beautiful code samples (with
> titles). Show me a wiki that can produce the following formatting for
> ebuilds:
> . . . or a wiki that makes it super-easy to add all sorts of
> additional in-line formatting to regular paragraphs, for example all
> the blue highlighting for code used throughout
>, or the monospace font used
> for filesystem paths.


Has anyone considered the immensely powerful twiki?


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