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> I'd like to ask what you think in launching a site that simply clones an
> existing site is? Why take all the hard work the editors have put into
> their articles on the unofficial wiki and duplicate them on another
> site, creating TWO copies, both of which may be updated with different
> information.
> This is completely pointless.
> And as someone who has contributed a lot to the existing wiki, I don't
> care if it's official or not, but any site I find copying articles I've
> contributed to (and certainly the ones I wrote from scratch) will suffer
> all the wrath and abuse I can bring to it.
That's a shame, but as I said, if the license permits it then we'll
move the content, if it doesn't then we won't.

> An official wiki should not be used to duplicate the existing unofficial
> wiki (and I don't believe this is the intent of the developers who want
> one). It should be used to provide additional documentation on top of
> that provided by the existing wiki.

Creating just another wiki is what's pointless. What I want is to
deprecate all unofficial wikis (there are others besides
gentoo-wiki.com) which were created simply because there never was an
official one and creating chaos, then centralize everything in one
official wiki, and build on top of that. Fix the historic mistake.
Concentrating information from the forums and various wikis is just
the first step.
This should be the goal of all of us, yours as well. Who wants to run
around all over the internet trying to find relevant information on
various forums, wikis, blogs, etc. when an official wiki can remedy a
big part of that, making it easier to find what you're searching for.
Instead of being scattered around, we want everything in one place,
that's how it can be made even better.

Dror Levin

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