On 04/04/10 15:47, Dror Levin wrote:
> Creating just another wiki is what's pointless. What I want is to
> deprecate all unofficial wikis (there are others besides
> gentoo-wiki.com) which were created simply because there never was an
> official one and creating chaos, then centralize everything in one
> official wiki, and build on top of that. Fix the historic mistake.
> Concentrating information from the forums and various wikis is just
> the first step.
> This should be the goal of all of us, yours as well. Who wants to run
> around all over the internet trying to find relevant information on
> various forums, wikis, blogs, etc. when an official wiki can remedy a
> big part of that, making it easier to find what you're searching for.
> Instead of being scattered around, we want everything in one place,
> that's how it can be made even better.
> Dror Levin
The unofficial wiki may have been created because there wasn't an
official one, but that doesn't mean it's any less of a community in its
own right.

Starting the official wiki by effectively ripping off others work and
attempting to destroy existing user communities is NOT the right way to
go about things, in my opinion (and losing the editing history of those
articles in the process).

You should first try to start your wiki/community and make it a
community in its own right, rather than trying to steal/destroy/rip off
existing communities.

My personal goal is to continue to maintain an existing community full
of useful documentation, already concentrated in one place. The
unofficial wiki avoids duplication by pointing to existing documentation
where ever possible.

The search problem is already dealt with by Google, so that's no reason
to go about ripping off other peoples work.

With your aims in mind, I don't see the point in duplicating existing
material, creating TWO places you have to check to see what's been updated.

If an "official wiki" starts up and becomes a major documentation centre
for user contributions, then I may consider moving my articles over, but
until that time I currently intend to maintain them in place, with their
complete history in tact.


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