On 4 April 2010 17:13, AllenJB <gentoo-li...@allenjb.me.uk> wrote:
> The unofficial wiki may have been created because there wasn't an
> official one, but that doesn't mean it's any less of a community in its
> own right.

And that doesn't mean that community wouldn't be interested to work
on a new, official wiki that concentrates efforts into one place,
under the umbrella of the wider Gentoo community.

> Starting the official wiki by effectively ripping off others work and
> attempting to destroy existing user communities is NOT the right way to
> go about things

Nobody is talking about ripping off and destroying, but you. There is
no need for such dramatic language.

> If an "official wiki" starts up and becomes a major documentation centre
> for user contributions,

That is the intent, and we hope you will work with us to make that

Ben de Groot
Gentoo Linux Qt project lead developer

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