On 04/05/10 13:12, Ben de Groot wrote:
After the mostly positive feedback on the recent wiki discussion, we
have now gone ahead, formed a preliminary team consisting of both
users and developers, and put up a project page [1]. All constructive
feedback on this new project is welcome.

We'd also like to invite any users and developers, who are willing to
help to make this a success, to join us. At this point we are
especially looking for people who can help with:
- the initial setup and configuration of a MediaWiki instance
- the design of a custom Gentoo theme for MediaWiki (including graphics and CSS)
- the internal organization of the wiki
- moderation

1: http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/wiki/


It'd be good if the project page said something about how this relates to the existing Gentoo wiki. It's obvious that they serve different purposes, but the page right now makes no mention of what the distinction is.


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