James Cloos posted on Tue, 06 Apr 2010 10:27:36 -0400 as excerpted:

>>>>>> "MH" == Michael Higgins <li...@evolone.org> writes:
> MH> Yep. Why have a man page for a perl module? OTOH, if there is
> something MH> that goes in /usr/bin, it should get a man page if there
> is one. But MH> not for the modules themselves -- that's not needed at
> all.
> Because man(1) works better than the alternatives; it is the unix way;
> it is the first thing one types when searching for documentation.
> The idea that the man pages are somehow uneeded is incomprehensible.

While you're correct in the ordinary case, keep in mind that this is perl 
developer docs we're talking about here -- not ordinary user documentation.

And those that know enough about perl to find the developer documentation 
useful should also know how to use perldoc, while those that don't know 
how to use perldoc, aren't likely to find the perl developer manpages of 
much help, either; they'll be pretty much ordinary users, at least where 
perl is concerned, and thus if anything, confused and irritated by all 
those extra "useless" perl developer manpages.

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