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On 7 April 2010 22:44, Ben de Groot <yng...@gentoo.org> wrote:
> "1.  Project Description
> The elected Gentoo Council decides on global issues and policies that
> affect multiple projects in Gentoo."
> GLEP 39 also says "Global issues will be decided by an elected Gentoo 
> council."
> So all I'm asking is to do your job and make decisions on issues that
> affect all of Gentoo. The issues I brought up are wider than a single
> individual project.

I don't understand what you expect the council to do in some of these
cases. Taking the website redesign or consolidation of documentation
as examples, do you want them to:

a) Decide that this should be done?
b) Call for volunteers? (they obviously cannot force anyone to do it)
c) Do it themselves?
d) What you probably mean that I fail to see

Arun Raghavan
(Ford_Prefect | Gentoo) & (arunsr | GNOME)

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