On Wed, Apr 07, 2010 at 11:05:34AM +0200, Ulrich Mueller wrote:
> Next monthly council meeting will be at 19 April 2010, 18:00 UTC
> in #gentoo-council.
> If you have any topics you want us to discuss or even vote about,
> simply followup to this message.


Historically, no PMS change has been glep'ified, but if the council 
wants PMS changes to start being glep'd I'd be willing to guinea pig 
this one- earliest I'd have the glep out the door is saturday also.

Few additional notes to the proposal-
1) few has offered up his time patch wise.
2) if he backs out, I'll throw in a gurantee of having it done prior 
to the next council meeting (realistically I can do it faster, I just 
have other fish I'd like to be frying).
3) dev feedback generally has been positive, exempting ciaran's views 
on it- please review those (if you'd like a summation I can provide 
4) if there are questions re: use cycle breaking or other bits, feel 
free to ask prior please- council meeting times unfortunately right 
now intersect badly with my paying work so it's hard to be online to 
answer questions during the meeting (that said per the norm I'll try).
5) final reminder- part of the impetus of this is that if this is 
punted till EAPI5, it forces pkg_pretend as the interim use constraint 
checking- this has some nasty implications on the use cycle breaking 
intentions since it would require everyone to upgrade their ebuilds to 
EAPI5 if they've got use state constraints.  Basically screws things 
up a bit and requires a potentially pointless EAPI bump for the sake 
of trying to knock EAPI4 out the door now (regardless of how long it 
takes to stable portage for it) rather than adding a few weeks in.


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