On 04/08/10 21:16, Robin H. Johnson wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 07, 2010 at 01:20:11PM +0200, Sebastian Pipping wrote:
>> Current results
>> ===============
>> Bug load per developer
>> ----------------------
>> http://dev.gentoo.org/~sping/bug-heartbeat/report--bug-count-by-person.html
> What's the actual math that you're using (it wasn't clear in your repo).

let me try in python:

load[dev] = bugs[dev] \
            + reduce(sum, [bugs(h)/members(h) for h in herds[dev]])

it's personal bugs plus a fraction of all herds you're in.
makes sense?

>>  - Pulling XML out of Bugzilla does no longer
>>    feel right with this amount of data:
>>    it's 15,000 open bugs that need to be
>>    refreshed periodically in chunks of 100 bugs
>>    (Bugzilla's limit) each.  That's 150 request
>>    for a full sync.  How can that be improved?
> Lets talk more about what queries you're using, and we can probably work
> something out.

speaking of queries would limit me in what i may ask the data in the
future.  i have a full dump on open bugs more or less so i can ask them
whatever i like.  it's more flexible to me and makes much easier code
than SQL stuff would.

i guess that doesn't make it easier?


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