On 09/04/10 18:24, Zeerak Mustafa Waseem wrote:
> Really? I understood it as the wiki being an all-purposes wiki, meaning users 
> could (would and should) create articles on how to get some application 
> running or how to get some setting working, and the developers will have 
> their own "section", so to speak, where they can collaborate on various 
> projects where a wiki would be an asset.
> It seems to me from the discussion here on the list that it is to centralize 
> documentation (- the official docs), so that gentoo can point to the wiki and 
> say "If it's not in our docs, maybe it's in the wiki".
> I may have mistaken the actual purpose of the wiki, but then by all means, 
> correct me :-)
It has no purpose. The "official" wiki currently has no rules and no
mission statement. There's been no activity for 3 days.

...in which time the unofficial wiki got countless edits in many
languages. And my server downloaded backups 3 times (because we have a
public backup policy in place to ensure the content is never lost again
- something some people seem to like ignoring (or are just ignorant of)).


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