On 09/04/2010 18:24, Zeerak Mustafa Waseem wrote:
On Fri, Apr 09, 2010 at 06:02:40PM +0100, George Prowse wrote:
On 09/04/2010 13:38, Ben de Groot wrote:
On 9 April 2010 13:26, Guy Fontaine<guy.fonta...@videotron.qc.ca>   wrote:
There are things I know about Gentoo Linux and I'm pleased to share my 
knowledge with others as well as I'm glad to learn from others. I'm not a 
Gentoo dev and I neither have plan nor wish to be.

My feeling is that Gentoo Wiki Project is just but another occasion for 
debating rules and politics. Reading some messages from some people I feel like 
I'm not welcome because I'm not a member of a group of selected people.

Don't be dismayed by negative remarks, or a few naysayers who are not
even part of the Gentoo Wiki Project. Any user (or dev) with
constructive input is welcome. And as you volunteered, you are part of
the project.


I still dont understand people's problems with this. Several devs have
said they've wanted one for years, it would be a great place to review
documentation before going in the official documentation, it's a great
place to discuss and collaborate on future dev handbook pages.

The official wiki could and *should* work together with the unofficial
wiki because they complement eachother. The unofficial wiki isn't going
to want detailed OpenRC documentation and the official wiki isn't going
to want "how to set up FreeDOOM" on it.

Really? I understood it as the wiki being an all-purposes wiki, meaning users could 
(would and should) create articles on how to get some application running or how to get 
some setting working, and the developers will have their own "section", so to 
speak, where they can collaborate on various projects where a wiki would be an asset.
It seems to me from the discussion here on the list that it is to centralize 
documentation (- the official docs), so that gentoo can point to the wiki and say 
"If it's not in our docs, maybe it's in the wiki".

I may have mistaken the actual purpose of the wiki, but then by all means, 
correct me :-)

I see it as a collaboration piece, something to bridge the gap between developers and users. Users can create pages detailing certain facets of Gentoo and it may get to be included in the documentation on gentoo.org.

Some documentation is unfit for an official wiki but that doesn't mean that the information doesn't need to be there for users, that is where the official and unofficial wiki should work together .

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