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D> While you're correct in the ordinary case, keep in mind that this is perl 
D> developer docs we're talking about here -- not ordinary user documentation.

Developer docs *are* ordinary user documentation.  Section 3 is perhaps
the most used section of man, with sections 2 and, depending on platform,
one or more of sections 4, 5 or 6 following.

D> And those that know enough about perl to find the developer documentation 
D> useful should also know how to use perldoc,

You are ignoring the fact that having the docs in man is more useful;
much easier to use, usable by any man reader.  The list goes on.

There is simply no *real* benefit to eliding them, it only does harm.

People who do not want to install them should specify that preference
via a USE flag (-man, perhaps).

It would even be OK were the USE flag off by default; but making it
impossible to Do The Right Thing w/o editing eclasses every time one
syncs is just wrong.

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