I was asked on #gentoo-council to respond to this post so I will. It
should also be noted council members usually speak as individual members
instead of for the council as a whole.

On 04/07/2010 06:00 PM, Denis Dupeyron wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 8:23 AM, Ben de Groot <yng...@gentoo.org> wrote:
>> 1. reconsider metadata changepolicies proposal
>> ==============================================
> [...]
>> Can council please decide to honor
>> the wish from developers to implement this?
> The council will be glad to vote on a GLEP when ready. From GLEP 1,
> GLEPs are the "primary mechanisms for proposing significant new
> features, for collecting community input on an issue, and for
> documenting the design decisions". So use them.
> Also, you might want to check the log and summary of the last meeting
> to find out why the council may end up voting no to such a GLEP.

This doesn't exclude council members themselves from working on such a
GLEP if they think it's needed.

>> 2. website redesign
>> ===================
> [...]
>> Can council assure that a team will be assembled that can
>> effectively tackle this issue?
> You want the council to aim their collective gun at volunteer
> developers and force them to assemble in a team and work on something
> they might not want to work on?
> In other words, if you want it then work on it and make it happen.
> This is and has always been the Gentoo way.

Council can't assure it will happen, they can only encourage and work
towards such a goal.

>> 3. manpower and recruitment issues
>> ==================================
>> Another recurring theme is the lack of manpower in certain areas, the
>> recruitment bottleneck and the quizzes. There are some initiatives but
>> more decisive leadership is needed. Can council decide to actively
>> pursue solutions for these structural problems?
> The only way to solve this is to address these issues where they are.
> That means joining the recruiters team and helping them with that.
> Another thing you might want to do is properly mentor recruits.
> Because one reason recruiting takes so long, and thus why there is a
> backlog, is (to put is simply) that mentors suck at mentoring.

As said Council is not needed. Recruiters as a project can handle
improving it just fine. I think I have pinged gentoo-core quite a few
times to try get new people in, would it make a difference if I pinged
as a council representative instead of as the Recruiting lead? Good news
is that I have two people in training nowadays.


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