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On 2010-04-10 17:18 UTC William Hubbs wrote:
> > Is there a better system?
>  The ideal captcha would not be visual at all.  For example, on another
>  site I am involved with, which is not quite online yet, we are talking
>  about implementing tseveral levels of captcha such as:
>  - a math captcha (you will be asked to solve a simple math problem)
>  - a word captcha (fill in the missing letters of a word)
>  - a phrase captcha (complete the phrase)
> Could something like one or more of these be possible?

For MediaWiki, a math captcha would be easy to get in place:

I don't know how effective that really simple captcha is, but I know a few 
not-so-large Wikis that use it, and don't have a spam problem. Also, I'm sure 
it would be easy to modify the source to add some more tricks, once the first 
spam bots got past.


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