On 2010.04.10 15:00, Markos Chandras wrote:
> On Saturday 10 April 2010 16:53:48 Petteri Räty wrote:
> > As people seem to want the council to take action I offer to take
> > action. As it's impossible for me to do everything myself I offer 
> to
> act
> > as a project manager/owner for people willing to donate their time
> to
> > whatever I see worthy for Gentoo as whole like the web page
> redesign.
> > Basically you tell me how many hours you have and I'll give you
> stuff to
> > work on. It might not be glorious at times like cleaning up a piece
> of
> > documentation but why not spend an hour a week on something that
> > benefits the project? If people are interested, I'll work out the
> details.
> > 
> > Regards,
> > Petteri
> That's not a good reaction from your side. Independent projects can
> handle the 
> incoming manpower themselves. 
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There are two valuable non conflicting ideas here.  The second one is 
more obvious, so I'll address that first an show how it fits with the 
"Independent projects"  Gentoo is an assemblage of independent projects 
all pretty much doing their own thing ... the council exists to 
"handle global issues" [glep39]
This implies that the council works on things brought to its 
attention, further its purpose is not to 'lead' (whatever that might 
mean), rather its the glue that holds the independent projects 
together when they can't resolve things for themselves.

The problem with this structure is that the independent projects have 
gaps/overlaps between them. Overlaps normally indicate wasted effort, 
gaps indicate something missing that does not fit into the existing 
projects (at least, as far as the projects are concerned).  The result 
is that the gaps are not addressed.

Petteri, writes "I offer to take action".  That's an offer from an 
individual Gentoo developer, not on behalf of the council. It doesn't 
matter how Petteri came to form his view that a lot of small tasks can 
make Gentoo better for being organised. It need not encroach on the 
independent projects at all.

Gentoo has got to the social complexity now that it needs some middle 
management. The council is not permitted to provide that and Petteri 
has offered to try.

Its really no different to putting up a project page and starting a new 

This could be a new way to get non-devs involved too. Give them a small 
well defined package of work to contribute ... 

I see it in a positive light but I don't think I can offer any time at 
the moment.


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