On 12/04/2010 12:32, Ben de Groot wrote:
On 12 April 2010 12:28, Roy Bamford<neddyseag...@gentoo.org>  wrote:

Last time I looked, his about page complies with our trade mark

But ONLY his about page. Our name and logo guidelines state this needs
to happen on each page:

the website clearly states, on each page, that the project is no official Gentoo project by labelling itself as a 
"news site", "fan site", "unofficial site" or "community site"

See http://www.gentoo.org/main/en/name-logo.xml

Instead it labels itself as "the Gentoo Wiki" or "the Gentoo Linux
Wiki", suggesting to somebody who is unaware of the situation that it
is an official project.

If you are arguing that the name is ambiguous then I think you are wrong. Gentoo knows about the unofficial wiki and knows it's mission is to help Gentoo and not to hinder it. Gentoo hardly makes a habit of Apple-like litigation when trying to protect it's logo.

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