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If you are arguing that the name is ambiguous then I think you are wrong.
Gentoo knows about the unofficial wiki and knows it's mission is to help
Gentoo and not to hinder it. Gentoo hardly makes a habit of Apple-like
litigation when trying to protect it's logo.

I think the argument is that the wiki is not always accurate, and if
perceived as the official documentation, can put is in bad light.

There is *always* a chance of that, official or otherwise

Which the Wiki team should really be addressing before making a
world-editable wiki.

A simple warning should suffice:

"While the Gentoo community takes a large amount of care to keep the wiki's information correct, problems like deprecation of features, misinformed users and vandalism can and will always be a problem with the wiki format. If you see a problem please feel free to fix it, notify a member of the developer team or send an email to w...@gentoo.org"

Also adding a notice like "Gentoo takes no responsibility for when you b0rk your box by setting the wrong CTARGET" somewhere would be good.

Those two should cover all the bases.

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