Dale posted on Mon, 12 Apr 2010 11:47:50 -0500 as excerpted:

> Just to add two cents worth.  I rarely, very rarely, go to the
> "unofficial" Gentoo wiki.  To put it simply, its not supported by the
> Gentoo organization itself.  When it comes to my system, I want people
> that I know use Gentoo and understand how it works or that the info is
> from the official Gentoo Docs.
> I may be able to contribute to the official Gentoo wiki when the need
> arises but I doubt I would ever do that on the current unofficial wiki.
> Just my two cents worth for the day.  Back to my hole.

Really, the same here, altho I appreciated them when I got my netbook, and 
wanted to put Gentoo on it.  Unfortunately, that's about the time the site 
did its disappearing act, and most of the information I could Google, etc, 
pointed back to the wiki that wasn't there any more! =:^(

But the Arch-Linux forum thread and then wiki came to the rescue, tho I 
had to adapt some of what it said a bit more.  And the gentoo-wiki page is 
back up, now, tho I'm not sure how it compares to what was there before 
the off-lining.

But I'm more a newsgroups and mailing list person, not so comfortable with 
web forums or wikis.  Perhaps that'll change with an official Gentoo wiki, 
perhaps not, but that's why I've not volunteered for it tho I support the 
idea.  I don't want to pledge to help and then never get the properly 
rounded tuit.  Better to discover that tuit by accident, and be there, 
then pledge to be there, and not.

But I did REALLY miss them with the netbook info, that's for sure, and I 
definitely appreciate both the Gentoo wiki (after its return) and the Arch 
wiki for the info I was able to use, even more since it wasn't available 
for awhile!

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