>>>>> "HvD" == Harald van Dijk <true...@gentoo.org> writes:

HvD> Let's say this is in the tree:

HvD> foo.eclass:
HvD> DEPEND="dev-lang/python:2.6"

HvD> bar-1.ebuild:
HvD> inherit foo

HvD> Let's say this is in your overlay:

HvD> foo.eclass:
HvD> DEPEND="|| ( dev-lang/python:3.1 dev-lang/python:2.6 )"

HvD> Now you install bar. How should portage know that it must regenerate the
HvD> metadata cache, to see that it doesn't need to install python 2.6 if you
HvD> already have 3.1?

It shouldn't bother. :)

Really, that isn't the kind of change that I find I need to make.

And it should never regenerate the metadata cache (ie portage/metadata/cache).
The docs used to -- and probably still do -- recommend regenerating that
cache after certain changes.  Which is a drasticly bogus suggestion unless
you have a *very* fast system.  Even across a dialup straw, an emerge --sync
is orders of magnitude faster.

If the ebuild calls a class which has been overridden by a local class, and
the original class set DEPENDs or the like, then as it reads in the new class
file it should just use those values in place of the ones in the cache.

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