100709 Robin H. Johnson wrote:
> I'm running a BoF session during Linux Symposium 2010 in Ottawa next week,
> entitled 'State of Gentoo'.
> http://www.linuxsymposium.org/2010/view_abstract.php?content_key=75
> Questions about progress on specific topics are warmly welcomed.

Good to know something useful is happening in our capital this year (grin).

There is still a serious misperception out there among non-users
that Gentoo is about performance.  This needs to be corrected:
I believe we all use it for the choice & control it offers.

Perhaps there's also a disadvantage in that Gentoo doesn't receive
the commercial publicity behind Ubuntu, Fedora & Suse,
nor does it have the ancient history of Slackware & Debian.

I continue to be as happy a user as I have always been since 2003 .


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