On 07/12/2010 10:18 PM, "Paweł Hajdan, Jr." wrote:
Rationale: Meeting summary for 20091012 is "to be completed". Meeting
summary for 20100419 is also "to be completed", and all following
council meetings lack summaries. This makes it hard to follow the
council's work.

I've seen this at work quite a bit. I've also seen an elegant solution that works moderately well. The minutes of the meeting are taken in realtime during the meeting by whoever will take it, and this is shared with the participants in realtime. This way errors in the minutes are instantly corrected. When the meeting is done you just save and publish the minutes and you are done.

Realtime collaboration could involve any number of mechanisms. I don't know if google docs supports it, but I imagine Wave would. There might be other mechanisms as well. Webex/GotoMeeting/etc are usually the methods employed in the business world. There might be an FOSS equivalent.

I think this should be purely up to the council's discretion, but I wanted to offer this as a suggestion.

I'm not a fan of slacker marks in the first place - but, if you have to have them then I'd do it in a way so as to avoid creating a negative incentive for volunteering to do the work in the first place.


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