On 8/10/10 4:28 PM, Jeroen Roovers wrote:
>> Gentoo uses /usr/$(get_libdir)/nsbrowser/plugins for browser plugins.
>> However, Debian uses /usr/$(get_libdir)/mozilla/plugins, and that's
>> what many software projects (including Chromium) target.
> Could you name them? Opera looks into tons of directories.

Sorry, I used a weasel word "many software projects" without naming
them. I don't know packages other than www-client/chromium that would
have problems with this.

> You would then need to re-emerge all users of this eclass.

I see. This puts some burden for our users with no obvious gains.

> What's bugging Chromium? Why does it insist on using a competing
> browser vendor's name instead of the much more neutral "nsbrowser",
> which generally denotes browsers with a Netscape style plugin interface?

Well, the fact that every distributions chooses its own directory for
NPAPI plugins is sort of sad. The number of directories that have to be
searched for plugins is ridiculously long.

I was talking with Evan Martin, a Chromium developer, and he asked
whether Gentoo could switch to "mozilla/plugins", so I started this
thread. After the results, my patch to add "nsbrowser/plugins" to the
plugins search path is probably going to be accepted.

By the way, I just wonder... why not _symlink_ "mozilla/plugins" to
"nsbrowser/plugins"? That would solve the technical problem, while
keeping a good, more general name.


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