On 15:46 Fri 29 Oct     , Thomas Sachau wrote:
> Which raises the question, if those people, who want to install a 
> minimal server will mostly use apache or something different. And 
> especially for minimal setups, i dont think that apache will be the 
> first choice, so i agree with the removal of those USE flags from 
> default IUSE. The profile is intended to have a minimal set of flags, 
> i would call apache an additional optional flag, not a default option 
> for minimal server setups.

I'm not sure when this transition happened, as profile USE flags have 
traditionally been a reasonable default set rather than a minimal set. 
This gives people who don't have much experience with Gentoo a decent 
chance at getting a working system on their first try. For people who 
have more experience, it's not exactly difficult to change things.


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