В Птн, 29/10/2010 в 19:29 +0200, Michał Górny пишет:
> On Fri, 29 Oct 2010 12:12:38 +0400
> Peter Volkov <p...@gentoo.org> wrote:

> > Please, hard mask beta versions.
> I personally don't see a reason why he needed to do that.
> If a particular package was a popular one and/or the beta version
> changed a lot which might imply a lot of users getting trouble due to
> it, then I would agree.

If the package is not popular there is even more reasons to rely on the
upstream's judgment and hard mask betas.

> Please notice that 'beta' is not the same for each upstream. There are
> indeed packages which are in 'beta' state for the time being -- would
> you like all of them to be hard masked? 

Until you have explicit "go for it" from upstream or there is no real
pressure to use betas, please, hard mask them.

> Or maybe you're fine with them because they don't put 'beta' in their PV?

I'm fine in case upstream released package for general usage and we use
them. I'm not fine in case package name suggests that package is for
testing but we push it on users. Beta is beta.

And for the sake of discussion I already had not so nice talks with
upstream about Gentoo and beta versions we push on users... So this
request is not out of the air.


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