Hi all,
My name is Kfir Lavi, I'm 36 years old, father of a gorgeous child ;)
and a Linux user for about 8 years (I don't count really ;-).
I'm a Linux BSP developer here in Israel.
I started from LFS, and after few weeks I had a Pentium 100Mhz loaded with
I'm a Gentoo user for few years now, and I'm interested in embedded,
catalyst and stuff
related to day to day desktop. At home we are working just on Gentoo, no
other OS installed there.
I'm experienced in cluster environments to embedded environments. I have
worked with Perl, Python and Ruby.
I do prefer Bash for day to day usage. I also do C programming that relate
to Kernel stuff.
In the last few month i did a lot of work using Catalyst, crossdev and
"embedded" in general. I'm using
Portage facilities for my own work internal use. As part of that, I did some
work on public ebuilds.
As work get more complicated, I find myself in need of packages that are not
maintained as I need them.
As a start I would like to start maintaining dev-libs/ace, as we are using
it in our systems a lot.
I have emailed  Daniel Black, the current maintainer of ACE,  about changing
ownership, but
because I'm not a gentoo dev, we can't do it.
I'm currently in a battle of shifting major company to Gentoo from vxworks
and Windriver.
Not easy, and because of that, I have been learning a lot of Gentoo
internals. This really
opened up my view about Portage and it's abilities.
My aim for the future is bringing Catalyst and Portage to an OnDemand
embedded (crossdev) state (Which is a lot to ask, but we'll take it step by

I would be happy if someone will find the time to mentor me to become a
Gentoo dev.

More info about me:
I'm a proxy maintainer of app-misc/utimer
http://github.com/kfirlavi/Amalia - Testbed for network testing

lavi.kfir at gmail...
IRC: kipibenkipod

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