On 06:29 Sat 16 Apr     , Corentin Chary wrote:
> New website is up and running at
> http://euscan.iksaif.net/
> The git tree is still at http://git.iksaif.net/?p=euscan.git;a=summary
> - Make some charts to see how it's going
> - Finish the "scan my world" feature
> - Add a way to subsribe to herds/maintainer/packages in order to
> receive weekly/monthly reports
> I'll gladly accept any patch ! :)

This is cool! I just looked through the x11-team packages and it seems 
very useful already. I have a few suggestions if you have time. =)

- Some teams have "official" overlays. Supporting those as an additional 
  source of ebuilds would be pretty nice.

- Another useful thing would be a way to supply CPV tokens for any 
  "unstable" upstream series that we'll never add to the tree.

- This looks like a problem (a versioned tarball named cairo-5c):


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