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I've picked this message as I want to address one point in this thread
that was focused on this sub-thread.
I disagree with the idea that adding an application to the Gentoo tree
that collects data from users and sends it to a central (or distributed)
system is the same as adding any other application to the tree.
Having the ability to add ebuilds to the tree is part of what you gain
by getting gentoo-x86 access. Issues with significant users privacy
concerns and substantial changes like adding packages to the tree that
collect data from users and compile it, should not be at the discretion
of individual developers but be subject of global policies that should
take into account the legal ramifications (trustees) and reflect the
developers desire and goals (council).

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Just picking a message to reply to at random here. Sorry Jorge, I thought common sense would kick in way before now.

As a user, if ANY distro starts collecting data about me without my consent, I would be looking for something else to use. For people to even think that users want someone snooping on them is rather presumptuous.

I have to also agree with the legal problems as well. Doing this without the users consent is going to lead to a huge legal mess. It would also taint Gentoo and Linux in general if this were to happen. Anyone who thinks it won't needs to talk to a lawyer and some common folks really soon.

As a user, if this was done without my consent, saying I would be pissed would be to mild a term but one I am willing to use on a public forum. As a example, I have DirecTv. It has no connection other than the satellite cable. No telephone or anything. I don't want them snooping on what I watch on TV either. I also don't care to have Gentoo collecting data on what I use or other data either. If I wanted that, I could just use M$ stuff. I would expect such things from them and the huge EULA they have.

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