On 10/12/2011 07:10 AM, Rich Freeman wrote:
> That leads me to another concern.  The defaults should be the safe
> options, and the options should be to make the actions less safe.
> In my thinking the most conservative options right now are either
> emerge -uDN world or emerge -uDN --with-bdeps=y world.
> I'd almost prefer to see that -D, -N, and --with-bdeps go away, and
> that instead we add options like --shallow, --ignoreusechanges, and
> --without-bdeps be added (ok, those are lousy names but you get the
> picture).  The default without any option should be to do the "right"
> thing for most people, and specifying an option should be to make the
> system do something less conservative.
> I just think about Debian where you tell people run "apt-get update"
> and then "apt-get upgrade" and that is it.  Their typical behavior is
> not specifying anything and you get everything updated.  With Gentoo
> the equivalent is "emerge world" but when you do that you potentially
> miss a lot of stuff.
> (And I realize the --with-bdeps part of this is debatable.)

How about if we add a `emerge --upgrade` target that is analogous to
`apt-get upgrade`? If we hide the new defaults behind a target like
--upgrade, rather than change the defaults globally, then it allows
people's existing scripted and habitual emerge commands to continue to
work in a backward compatible manner.

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